Monsters VS Aliens

Movie Review of fantasy film Monsters VS Aliens
Monsters VS Aliens

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Film: Monsters VS Aliens

Year: 2009

Genre: Children and Family, Animation

Director: Conrad Vernon, Rob Letterman

Monsters VS Aliens

The movie begins with Susan Murphy at her wedding when she is struck by a meteor. She grows 50 feet and is taken by the government to a secret compound where she meets other beings who are being detained for being different. They must work together to solve any problems that arises. With her new friends by her side, can Susan save the world?

The PG rated film is one i would recommend to anyone who enjoys animated films. Even though the film is targeted at children, I personally enjoy watching this film whenever I am at home in bed. It is such an interesting, original concept that is amazing.

I would rate Monsters VS Aliens 9.5/10

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