Basketball Drills and Excersises

Here are common drills used in basketball, drills you can do at home by yourself. Doing these will help to improve your basketball games and help you become more familiar with the sport.
Basketball Drills and Excersises

Whether you are a professional or just beggining to play basketball it is important you establish some sort of drills to make sure you are always improving. Most people think that by going to training, that they will improve but in order to improve you should also train outside of your club at home. The most important think to keep in mind with these drills is that you get what you put into them.

Behind-Back Dribbling

Great ball handlers are able to move the basketball from hand to hand quickly and with ease. They also have really light feet that are able to push off and change direction quickly - as well as stop quickly. This comes from being comfortable with the basketball and also playing from a low athletic stance.

The behind the back rhythm dribbling drill is going to specifically work on the behind the back move, but it is also going to help the player really learn to play low and develop quick feet as they handle the basketball. It is a great to work on ball handling on the move, and it will also allow you to get a lot of repetitions at a specific move in a short period of time.

Shooting is not needed but if you have a net or live near a court I'd say to get used to hitting a consistent shot.

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Tennis Ball Drill

Dribble a basketball with one hand as hard as you can. Meanwhile, the other arm should be fully extended, and you should continually throw then catch/grab the ball as it falls. Variations: Repeat with opposite hands

Doing so will improve your concentration and give you a more consistent dribble.

Make Sure you keep looking forward or at the tennis ball. I t is important to get used to looking around you and not directly at the basketball. Looking at the basketball would result in you losing focus on the opposite defence.

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Lay up

Unfortunately, this drill will need the use of a net but it can be practiced with friends and your team. You will probably recognize this drill or the layup itself. Many people will thien think because they know how to do that they do not need to practice it but you need to remember that, an undefended layup is usually a high percentage shot. If you are an intermediate or advanced basketball player then you can speed up the way you do the drill to make it more intense

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