Dark Line

Lisa is addicted to drugs, but after a horrible experience after consuming drugs, she quits taking drugs altogether and focuses on improving her life, but finds it difficult as all her friends still take part in the drug world.
Dark Line

Title: Dark Line

Author: Patrick Bentley

Reviewed by: Adèle Maguire

Genre: young adult fiction

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Recommended for: I would recommend this book for older readers of 14 and above, as it contains mature content that might be misunderstood or unsuitable for younger readers. Overall though I think this it is an informative and good book with a hint of romance.

Brief overview: Lisa is a young woman that is addicted to cocaine. One night after taking a bit too much, she has a terrifying experience that leads her to stop using drugs altogether, also leading to her losing her friends as they still take part in the drug world. It shows how Lisa eradicates drugs from her life and realises the devastating effects of drugs, improving her life in doing so.

Characters: Lisa; is the main character that quits taking drugs and realises what the effects are of drugs and the drug problem in Ireland.

Setting: This book is set in Skerries, Ireland

Last words: I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to anyone who likes a drama, action or romance book. It is a highly informative and enjoyable book that is unpredictable in every way. I would recommend this book as it informs people of the reality behind drugs and the drug problem in ireland.

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