10 Things To Do After School To Make You Happier

This is a list of activities to do after school if you are bored often.
10 Things To Do After School To Make You Happier

Many people in schools often leave school and go home to do nothing which leaves them bored or depressed, most people find themselves scrolling through their phones for hours on end and letting the day pass until there is not enough time to do anything.

So, in attempt to get people off their sofas I have composed a list of 10 things to do after school to make you happier.

1. Meet up with a friend

Meeting up with a friend outside of the house is a great excuse to get you out and not lounging around the house, as well as having a social life you're not going to be stir crazy from sitting in all day on a phone or computer and who knows what weirdness you could be up to.

2. Call a friend

Some people might be close with people who might not live close by, so instead of travelling a long distance to visit them on a school day, call them, you never know what type of conversation you could have.

3. Read

I know many people would rather watch a movie than read a book, but trust me, getting away from your electronics for a while is great and may help you with your vocabulary as a plus.

4. Cook

Cooking, baking it’s all the same things but one benefit of baking is, well two, one food but another benefit is you get to release your inner creativity in something you can later savour.

5. Clean your home

I know, I know it's weird to suggest this but trust me on this one, you're looking at the house and you see the mess just clean it cause the feeling afterwards of even doing one chore is so great, the feeling of accomplishment and maybe it will get your parents off your back for a while.

6. Go for a walk

If it’s a good day out and you have nothing to do, rather than staring at the weather from outside your window, go out into it, go for a walk, clear you head, if school is stressing you out just walk, maybe if you have a pet walk them as well or go with a friend.

7. Do a puzzle

Yup pulling out the grandma card, but puzzles are really rewarding once they are done, frustration maybe be the first emotion but confident may be the last emotion after you conquer that puzzle.

8. Write

You don’t have to be an author to write, writing can be about anything, your day, your emotions, your dreams or maybe you are an aspiring author/writer, if you're bored get a piece of paper andjust start to write because you never know what you can compose together.

9. Meditate

A lot of people when they come home from school they're not happy, in fact there probably stressed and can't help but think about the mountain of homework they are about to do, so take 5 minutes and do a meditation session by yourself, there is lots of tutorials to help if you don’t know how.

10.Take pictures

Memories, it's amazing how far we've come to the point we can take a picture of a moment we want to remember, so take advantage of this, take pictures to your hearts content and if you see some nice ones print them out, hang them all your walls so that you can look at them and remember that moment.

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