5 Apps To Help You Relax

This is a list of apps that can help you relax. Excellent to aid your mental health or for people who are interested in meditation.
5 Apps To Help You Relax

1.The Mindfulness App (Free)

The Mindfulness App is a great app for meditation and clearing your head when you are extremely stressed, and even if your not if helpful to do daily and keep you aware of your mind state.

2.Pacifica (Free)

This app is great for people who are over stressed all the time or who suffer with anxiety, the app tracks a persons progress and helps them manage these issues on a daily basis through behavioral theraphy and mindful meditation.

3.Calm (Free)

The app calm features guided mediation aswell as nature sounds to take you away from your current state, and advice for reaching a peaceful mental state, when using this app you may feel as if you not in the room you are in.

4.Happifly (Free)

The Happifly app trys to make reaching relaxation more fun. This app also uses science-based games to help with achieving daily happiness is small doses.

5.Headspace (Free)

Headspace is a very popular app at the moment, this app allows you to practice meditation and mindfulness and also help with people who suffer with trying to sleep.

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