Barcelona 2020 Update

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Barcelona 2020 Update

Barcelona Tour 2020

Following consultation with parent(s)/guardian(s) the Board of Management of Ballymakenny College have decided to cancel the trip to Barcelona due to take place in April 2020.

This decision was taken following a risk assessment presented to the board by the Principal. A number of areas of concern were highlighted to the Board. The board unanimously agreed that the trip should not take place. The board instructed the Principal to contact parents and the School Tour Company.

I contacted the School Tour Company on Tuesday morning 24 March for an update in the event that the trip was cancelled. Please see reply below.

Hi Alan,

I hope you are all well. Sorry for the delay in replying, I was occupied with IT issues yesterday as the office is now closed and we are all working from home.

We are doing our best to refund as much as we can to our groups. This means we have to contact all suppliers to request refunds on the passenger’s behalf. Should your flights cancel, we will be entitled to a refund for them too. I can see that currently your Aer Lingus flights have cancelled but your EasyJet flights have yet to cancel.

We will have to wait until closer to the departure date to see if they cancel too and we will then be able to give you a refund figure.

I know it will be frustrating to parents that we cannot give you that figure now, but many of the suppliers we are contacting are in lockdown and it is difficult to get in touch with them. Therefore it may take some time before we get it all worked out. But rest assured that we will do our very best to have as much as possible refunded to the parents as they are our number one priority. I would ask customers to be patient as we have a lot of enquiries at the moment, and can you let them know that all new and relevant information will be given through you so they do not feel the need to contact the office directly.

Kind Regards,

Myles McKenna

Operations Manager

I will continue to liaise with the School Tour Company. I will be able to get information out to parents over the next few weeks.

We can look at possible tour dates for this group of students in 2021 provided it is safe to travel

Thanks to everyone for your patience. I know the students are disappointed but given the circumstances in Spain and here at present we are all far safer at home during these times.

Alan Mynes

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