DATS (Differentiated Aptitude Tests) Third Years

DATS Tests for Third Years

This applies to current Third Year students only.

This coming week all 3rd Year students will be completing the DATS (Differentiated Aptitude Tests).

Schedule as follows:

Wed 8th Jan (Da Vinci/Gaudi) P1-4

Thurs 9th Jan (Jellet/Kahlo)P1-4

Fri 10th (Monet/Picasso)P1-4

The DATs measure a students ability in 8 areas: Verbal Reasoning; Numerical Reasoning; Abstract Reasoning; Perceptual Speed and Accuracy; Mechanical Reasoning; Spatial Reasoning; Spelling; and Language Usage and an Overall Educational Aptitude Score which is indicative of their ability to engage with the Curriculum.

An individual report with their results will give us a National Percentile Ranking in each of the 8 areas. Students will then be receiving their DAT results through a One to One appt that Parents/Guardians attend. (Week beginning March 9th)
The appt will last 10 mins approx and students will receive a detailed breakdown of their results and how it can inform, along with their CAT4 Scores, their LC Subject choices.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Christine and Trish

Guidance Dept.

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