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Cashless Card and Ordering Online
Get Fresh Online Ordering

Cashless System & On-line Ordering and Payment

As a result of Covid 19 we are working in conjunction with the school on making the canteen in the school a cash free environment. We will be installing our cashless payment system in the canteen and driven by the current crisis we are introducing a pre-order and pre-pay online facility to the system.

The cashless system primarily works based on the students using a topped-up card to tap and pay for their purchases in the canteen. However, we have also now included the pre-order pre-pay facility as part of the system. All purchases can be pre-ordered and pre-paid online using debit/credit card and available for collection in the area designated by the school at the appropriate time.

To get started you need to purchase your child’s card from us. The card costs €5.00 and is valid for 2 years.

The cards will be on sale soon in the canteen.

Please take a photo of the Account Key Number at the back of the card when you receive it. This will be your only record should you lose/misplace it.

Cashless Card & Online Ordering Benefits

· Shorter queues

· Faster service

· More hygienic – no cash

· View purchases online

· No panic for lunch money

· Stolen cards blocked instantly

· Easy to order from PC, laptop or mobile devices

Important Notice

As your school is exclusively pre-order and pre-pay (using debit/credit card) you do not need to top up the cashless card for now. You do however need the cashless card number as part of the pre-ordering process.

Step by Step Instructions for Pre-Order

1. On your PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet, go to website

2. Click [Sign Up] – fill in required details

3. Click [Create Account]

4. Enter Account Key – from your card

5. Click Continue – your account is now set up. Do not top up the card. 6. Logout of

7. On your PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet, go to website or go to website and click on your school crest and it will take you direct to your school pre-order page

8. Select the name of the school your child attends (you do not need to do this if you used the link from

9. Select the morning break or lunch menu for the day you would like to order for. You can order for both at same time

10. Select the products you would like to order

11. When you have selected all the items you require proceed to checkout

12. Confirm all is correct and hit next

13. Complete all fields on the order details screen including ticking the box to indicate if your order is for morning break, lunch or both and hit next

14. On order summary check again all is correct, tick the box to confirm acceptance of terms and conditions then hit pre-order

15. On the billing screen insert the card details for the debit/credit card you are paying with, then hit pay & pre-order to complete the payment

16. You will receive an email confirming your order and order will be ready for collection at the agreed date and time.

17. Please note if you do not receive an email confirmation of your order then the order has not been processed correctly and you will not have been charged. In this case please try again.

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