Italy Trip 2023

Insurance Info

Dear Parents/Guardians.

Please find attached a copy of your travel insurance policy for your recent School Tour Company booking.

Your policy is provided by Accident and General Insurance Services Ltd and l Links to your policy documents can be found at the bottom of this e-mail.

This policy is sold on the basis that you and all insured members in the group are healthy with no existing medical conditions. Please see the important notice on page 2 of your policy booklet, by clicking on the policy document link below.

  • If you answer yes to the following medical question and wish to have your medical condition covered, please contact our medical screening team on 01 299 4896. You do not need to do a screening for any condition listed on our Waived Conditions list, found on pages 9 and 10 of your policy wording.
  • All Persons insured on this policy must also answer the following question:
  1. Have you have been prescribed medication (including repeat prescriptions), received treatment or attended a G.P. or hospital as an outpatient or inpatient in the last 2 years?

Important information relating to medical conditions :
This policy cannot provide cover relating directly or indirectly to any medical condition where you are on a waiting list or awaiting the results of any tests or investigations.

  • If you have been diagnosed as having a terminal illness, this policy is NOT suitable for you and we cannot offer you cover
  • There is important information in relation to the health of relatives. Please refer to page 8 of your policy wording.

Please Note: I accept the terms and conditions and confirm all the information I have given is correct. I am aware that if at the time of purchasing, the Department of Foreign Affairs advises to avoid non-essential travel to my destination and I travel against this advice, there is no cover for overseas Covid related medical expenses under this policy. I am also aware that this policy does not provide cancellation cover due to being advised to self isolate without a positive Covid-19 diagnosis or due to Covid-19 Government restrictions on travel.

Wishing you a safe and happy travels

Accident and General Insurance Services Ltd

Please see the following important documents.

TY Trip Policy 2023[19681].pdf

Insurance cover details[19680].pdf

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