Remote Learning Jan 2021

School Closure January 2021
Remote Learning Jan 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and students,

As you are aware due to ongoing public health measures the school will not be opening again for students until 1 February 2021. The school will not be open to Special Class students or Leaving Certificate students next week. We will follow the guidance provided by the DES as we approach the Feb 1 return date on whether it will be appropriate to reopen. Please keep up to date on this website or through official, responsible media outlets for updates on this.

Practical Considerations

For the moment, the school building is closed to all students. We will make arrangement to allow access to the building for project work, e.g. Art, with the appropriate teachers. Please do not call to the school building in person without an appointment. You will not gain access.

Office 365 Platform

For the remainder of this month the Office 365 Platform and MS Teams resource will be used by teachers and students to engage with the curriculum remotely. All students have been using these resources for a period of time now and all students should have access to appropriate technology in order to access the work provided by teachers.

Teachers will keep records of those students who are not engaging with remote learning, and the school will contact home if concerns arise regarding any student’s education. Merits and demerits may be applied as usual by teachers, as a record of or reward for student efforts. Parents & guardians have a responsibility to ensure that their students engage as best as possible with these resources.

The remote learning concept involves a lot of different strategies and approaches. Consideration is given to the variety of circumstances that children and staff members find themselves in during this period of school closure. Whilst every effort is made to provide engaging resources and learning experiences for all students, the use of ICT does not replace the interactions that classroom-based learning provides. Teachers will be sending work to students from Monday morning so students should be in a position to access this work after 9am.

If your child cannot access their account please email the following email address,, with the child's name and a contact number/email where you can be reached. Please let us know what the issue is, and we will endeavour to solve the issue as soon as possible. Provision has been made for students to access appropriate ICT. Again, you should contact the email address above if there is an issue.

The content/work assigned by teachers will be, insofar as possible in remote settings, consistent with the time and volume of work that would be covered in school, so that the students’ educational needs are being met to the best of the school’s ability.

As such, the work set by teachers will be guided by the timetable and, where possible, may be set synchronously (according to when the class appears on the timetable).

If work is set asynchronously (not at the usual timetabled hour) for more than one class period at a time, teachers will endeavour to provide a guideline of the expected timeframe in which work should be undertaken. In the case, for example, of work being set for a week’s worth of classes/learning, students should not have the impression that it would equate to one class period and must be completed immediately.

ICT Etiquette

Students should not contact teachers directly after 8pm. Persistent failure to adhere to this will be considered under the Code of Behaviour of Ballymakenny College.

Mock Examinations

Mock examinations due to take place from 1 February will be postponed and will not take place before Mid-term break in February. House Leaders have emailed the students regarding this. We will examine the calendar to find an appropriate time for students to sit these examinations when we have more information. The mock Spanish Orals planned for the week of the 11 January have been postponed.

State Examinations

There is some speculation from students regarding Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate examinations to be held in June 2021. I know that this issue can cause huge anxiety amongst the student body. Sometimes the idle speculation and rumour can cause greater anxiety. Parents/Guardians should only follow the advice of reputable and reliable media platforms regarding the holding of these exams. At the moment the intention is that they will be held as planned in June. It would be unfortunate if students and parents/guardians were misled by certain sources and as a result were ill prepared. The State Exams are still 5 months away.

Code of Behaviour & Anti-Bullying

Whether a child is being directed remotely or via a traditional classroom environment, it is very important that all partners are aware that once a learning exchange takes place between a student and teacher, the same statutory rules apply i.e. the school’s Code of Behaviour & Anti Bullying Policy and all the school’s policies. The acceptable user policy also applies during this period of time.

You can download a copy of our Draft Remote Learning Policy by clicking here.

Guidance Counsellor

Our Guidance Team Trish Reilly & Christine McSorley will be prioritising Leaving Certificate students over the coming weeks and offering guidance and advice to CAO candidates. Students in all year groups may contact their respective guidance counsellor if they require assistance or guidance on personal matters.

Please Stay safe and follow Social distancing guidelines to ensure we can return to school safely ASAP.


Alan Mynes


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