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In Ballymakenny College, our six houses are named after six legendary Irish leaders. We are blessed in this country to have a rich history, full of magic, myth and legend as well as inspiring documented facts. These six figures are drawn from both mythological oral legend and from history, incorporating in this way both aspects of our unique and fascinating heritage. We hope that in naming our school houses for these renowned figures, our students will take inspiration from them and feel empowered as leaders in their own right. Students & Staff from each of the houses were involved in designing our house crests, which you can see below.

Teach Mhéibhe

This house is named for the legendary Queen Méabh of Connacht, about whom the most famous story is perhaps the tale of the Táin Bó Cúlainge.
Méabh was a powerful and formidable leader, never afraid of taking action and taking her fate into her own hands. Following her lead, we hope our
students will fearlessly embrace their position as student leaders.

Teach Fhionn
This house is named for the world-famous leader of the Fianna, Fionn MacCumhaill. Stories about Fionn are well known by many people. They
include the tale of the Salmon of Knowledge. Fionn was a brilliant warrior,but he was also a leader capable of inspiring many. Our students will, we
hope, embrace opportunities to be leaders as well as students, and to usewisdom as they do.

Teach Ghráinne
This house is named for the pirate queen Gráinne Mhaol. Singularly determined to follow her dream, Gráinne was an inspirational figure
who refused to be limited by the expectations or restrictions of the time and place into which she was born. Going so far as to cut her hair off -
earning her the nickname Gráinne Mhaol, or Bald Gráinne - so that she could sail with men in a time when women conventionally stayed at
home, she will inspire our students, we hope, to be unafraid to carve their own paths and to sail as leaders even into unchartered waters.

Teach Bhriain
This house is named for Brian Boru, who historically ended the domination of the high kingship of Ireland by the O'Neills and became first the king of
Munster and subsequently the king of all of Ireland. A powerful, driven man and fierce leader, it is our hope that our students will look to him as an
example of what can be achieved by determination and leadership.

Teach Danann
This House is named for the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann. In fact, these ancient people were called after her,
as Tuatha Dé Danannmeans the People of the Goddess Danú. The Tuatha Dé Danann are a race in Irish mythology representing the main
deities of pre-Christian Ireland and have special associations with aspects of life and nature. There are several different forms of the name Danú, but
as the mother goddess of this renowned people, her importance and place in Irish mythology is unquestionable, making it an appropriate choice for use in a school in which we hope to nurture many types of talents and abilities.  

Teach Lir
Lear is one of the first sea gods in Irish mythology. As his name suggests - being derived from an old Irish word for the sea - he is also a
personification of the sea itself. Lear fathered the most well known sea god in Irish mythology, thus highlighting the importance of his legacy.
Perhaps a more recognisable form of his name, Lir, means of Lear and is commonly seen in the name of the story Clann Lir, or the Children
of Lir. Lear's role as god of the sea or indeed the sea itself is well suited to a school situated on the banks of the Boyne, where the historic river
meets the sea.

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