Transition Year

Transition Year

Transition Year Information Bulletin -Summer 2017

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Year Group


Friday 25th of August

8.30am – 10.45am


Meet in the HUB and then go to rooms as listed

Monday 28th August


1st year

Meet in the HUB and then go to rooms as listed

Tuesday 29th August

8.30am- 10.45am

2nd Year

3rd Year

Meet in the HUB and then go to rooms as listed

Wednesday 30th August

8.30am – 3.30pm

All years

Normal classes resume for all. Proceed to base rooms for Treoir at 8.30am.

Ballymakenny College News

  • We are delighted to announce that we will be welcoming 180 first year students to Ballymakenny College in August.
  • The enrolment for 2018 -2019 is now open. Please see our school website for enrolment forms.

Transition Year Fees

We want our first ever Transition Year to be a fantastic experience for every student. Our research has told us that €375 is excellent value for money compared to other schools. Unfortunately your child will not be able to participate in Transition Year fully if this fee is not paid.

The closing date for the TY deposit of €150 was the 1st of May, 2017. A reminder to those who have not yet paid their deposit, please can you do so at your earliest convenience. A trip has been organised in the first two weeks on our return to school. We will not be in a position to send your son/daughter on this trip if this deposit has not been paid.

The outstanding balance of €225 is due by Friday 27th of October. You have the option of paying online through VS Ware or by dropping the fee into Susan in the office. We would recommend you use our online facility. The convenience of the online facility is that you can make payments in instalments. If you do not know your VS Ware password, please get in touch with Susan and she will text it to you immediately.

If parent(s)/guardians have issues concerning this fee they can contact the principal directly.

Transition Year School Uniform.

The senior school uniform will consist of the following:

  • School jumper with blue strips
  • Pack of t-shirts (red, blue or white)
  • School Coat (navy or red)
  • Trousers: students are permitted to wear skinnies, jeans, chinos, etc. – students are not permitted to wear tracksuit pants, shorts, leggings and any type of trousers with rips/holes in them.
  • Footwear- runners and shoes with a good grip etc. Toeless shoes and Ugg style boots are prohibited.

More information on the school uniform is included with this bulletin.

Stationery List for Transition Year

  • 8 A4 hardback copies
  • 1 squared A4 Maths copy
  • 1 A4 Science hardback
  • 8 normal copies
  • Plastic folders for handouts
  • Calculator, pens, pencils etc.

Any additional stationary requirements will be communicated to students by individual teachers on our return to school in August.

State Indemnity and the Role of SCA

Under the National Treasury Management Agency (Amendment) Act, 2000 the management of personal injury and third party property damage claims against Community and Comprehensive Schools and of the underlying risks was delegated to the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA). When performing these functions the NTMA is known as the State Claims Agency (SCA).

Therefore, Community and Comprehensive Schools do not purchase insurance for personal injury and third party property damage and as such do not have to bear associated premium costs. Indemnity works on a pay as you go basis so that all costs associated with personal injury and third party property damage claims will be paid directly from the Department of Education and Skills budget through a reimbursement system operated by the SCA.

Occasionally Community and Comprehensive Schools may be required to provide confirmation of ‘insurance cover’. A State indemnity confirmation statement is issued as proof of State indemnity in lieu of an insurance policy. Please see a copy of the State indemnity confirmation statement below.

The State indemnity confirmation statement shall not be subject to change or renewal unless there is a change in legislation. In that respect, it is worth noting, that the State Indemnity Confirmation Statement does not have or require a policy number or stipulate a period of cover. The State Indemnity Confirmation Statement provided is effective from the date indicated. The limit of indemnity is unlimited in amount (in relation to personal injury and third party property damage liabilities, arising from the negligence of the school, its servants and/or agents).

When an insured enters into an agreement with a third party they often request confirmation that the insured’s policy extends to cover this agreement, referred to as indemnity to principals in insurance. Again as State Indemnity is enshrined in legislation there is no requirement to name indemnified parties. When such an indemnity is requested a third party is referred to this State Indemnity Confirmation Statement, where it specifically states that the indemnity applies in all cases where Community and Comprehensive Schools, their servants or agents are negligent (in relation to personal injury and third party property damage liabilities).

Work Placement Guidance Document

Transition Year Work Experience Documents

Host Employers Guide

Work Placement Summary Sheet

Risk Assessment Sheet

Work Placement Guidance

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